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Who Needs a Home Inspections

Home Buyers
One essential step in the home buying process is an inspection by a qualified professional, RHI (Registered Home Inspector). A sound home inspection provides you with the information necessary to make an educated home purchase decision, increasing your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the home.
Home Owners
A sound home inspection can provide you with unbiased information about any major repairs or improvements needed in your home. It can also help you develop a maintenance schedule that outlines what you can do annually in the spring or fall.
A home inspection at the beginning and end of a lease will provide you with information on the condition of the property. The inspection is a written report for short term repairs on commercial or residential property.
New Construction
David Foley Home Inspections provides a new home service. This service will provide advice prior to the contract and four separate inspections during construction, including the final inspection. With the help of an RHI it is possible to keep track of the 40+ sub-trades on a large survey and head off any potential problems. Working with the client and the builder during construction keeps the builder informed on final inspection defects.
Final Inspection For New Buildings
With an inspection report from David Foley Home Inspections, a new purchaser can be instructed as to the locations of water and electrical shut-offs, and other features. Defects are independently recorded.