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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Inspector...

  1. Is the Home Inspector a member of The INDEPENDENT HOME INSPECTORS OF NORTH AMERICA (IHINA)? If the inspector is not member of (IHINA), you may not have an Independent Home Inspector working for you and may not have experience in doing a complete home inspection, which includes your most problematic areas, such as your Electrical System, Plumbing System, Roof, Chimney and Mechanical Systems.

  2. How long have they been in the home inspection business and how many inspections have they done since they became home inspectors? You want to have an inspector with a proven track record for doing quality approved reports. Inquire, ask your lawyer, or your friends at work.

  3. Is the company well established, and again, how long have they been in business?

  4. Do they have a website with an outline of their qualifications and background.

  5. Compare their qualifications with other Home Inspectors, as outlined on my WEBSITE, to ensure you get the most qualified Independent Home Inspector in the business.

  6. Is Home Inspectors a member of the Independent Home Inspectors of North America and if they Solicit Real Estate Agents for clients.

  7. What type of report is given? When is it given to the client?

  8. Is the client encouraged to attend the inspection and ask questions?

  9. How long will the inspection take?

  10. Does the inspector offer to do any repairs? This might be a conflict of interest.

  11. What does the inspection encompass?

  12. Does the inspector participate in any continuing education programs to keep his/her expertise up to date?

  13. How available and convenient is the service?